Equaltime Magazine

This past semester, I had the privilege to not only serve as Creative Director for Syracuse University’s oldest women’s lifestyle magazine, but to also completely refresh the editorial’s image by spearheading Equaltime’s rebrand. Consistently chock full of empowering and impactful content, it was time for the publication’s visual’s to match. Working closely with the Editor-in-chief, I selected new typefaces for the masthead, heds, deks, folios, and body copy. Additionally, I implemented a consistent 9-column grid system (which the publication had never utilized before). In order to best represent the maturity and personal nature of article content, we decided to redirect the visuals to more simplistic yet impactful line drawings and focus on clean page design across all articles.

Inside the issue

While this past issue was chock full of both impactful writing and purposeful simplicity, below is just a sampling of some of my favorite spreads.

Beauty Mark | Fall 2018 | Role: design

Beauty beyond borders | Fall 2018 | Role: design, illustration

Lovesick | Fall 2018 | Role: design, illustration

‘I am not my hair’ | Fall 2018 | Role: design

Before the Rebrand

As the only staff designer, I concepted, illustrated, and designed around 8-10 articles per issue. My process begins with extensive research followed by hours of sketching and planning. Then I take to the computer, working with the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director to design articles as photos and stories become finalized. 

Scarlet Fever | Fall 2017 | Role: design, photo selection

You’re not your number | Fall 2017 | Role: design, illustration

The beginner’s guide to veganism | Fall 2017 | Role: design, photo selection

Let’s talk about safe sex | Fall 2017 | Role: design, photo selection, photo editing